Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Says the 'Blackout Drunk' Sex She Had with James Wasn't Rape


Vanderpump Rules cast member Lala Kent appeared on The Nik Richie Podcast to discuss the show and her relationship with her maybe-just-for-the-show love interest, James Kennedy. During the episode, which was posted on December 14th, Lala tells an unsettling story about the couple’s first and only sexual encounter.

Lala insists that what took place wasn’t rape, though it sounds a lot like rape. We’ve seen Lala and James make-out during episodes of the show but any clear reference to them having sex has yet to air.

Lala Kent: Well let’s not get it twisted. Was I ever, like, sexually attracted to James? No. We had a lot of fun. I could stand to make out with him.
Nik Richie: So you’ve never slept with James?
Lala Kent: We fucked one time and I was so blackout drunk I don’t remember one thing. And I know that everyone says that, but I will say, I take accountability for every single one of my actions and I’m owning that now. Because I saw the condom and the wrapper so I know that something happened.
Nik Richie: Yeah but that’s classified as rape too in some countries.
Lala Kent: Well, in some countries, but I’m not screaming rape. It was obviously—
Nik Richie: It was obviously what? Consensual? How could it be consensual, platonic sex if you don’t remember? And you wake up and you see a condom?
Lala Kent: Yeah. Well, he was like, “babe, we slept together last night,” and he was like, “we got in your shower too babe.” And I was like, “how the fuck did we both fit in there?” Like, my shower is a two by four.

While far from a perfect response—which includes some unnecessary victim blaming—Richie pushes her to take the incident more seriously, while his co-host Scooby Sunday tries to dismiss what happened.

Nik Richie: And you just laughed that off Lala? That makes me not like you right now.
Lala Kent: Wait, what do you mean laugh it off?
Nik Richie: You’re like, “oh hey hey funny James you banged me last night but I don’t remember.”
Scooby Sunday: She’s young.
Lala Kent: People do that all the time. I know for damn sure he’s not gonna rape me. I’ve known this kid for a long time.

The conversation shifts to how many women James manages to sleep with and we hear both Lala and Scooby Sunday echo the same troubling sentiments that because she was drunk, is friends with James, and didn’t feel violated, nothing wrong could have occurred.

Lala Kent: He bangs really hot chicks though, you guys. How does he pull that? I don’t get it.
Nik Richie: Because he’s on a TV show for one. And he’s an alcoholic and he knows the blackout method.
Lala Kent: Oh. You think he knew that I was blackout and was like, “going home with Lala tonight?”
Nik Richie: I’m assuming. Because does it really count? To me I feel it’s rape-y, but that’s just me personally.
Lala Kent: Well, we’re not gonna throw the rape-y card around because I didn’t feel violated. I just felt like, I mean, good for you.
Scooby Sunday: That’s not rape if she doesn’t feel violated, it’s not rape-y.
Lala Kent: No I didn’t feel violated. He’s harmless. Trust me.

Lala saying that she “didn’t feel violated” by the situation does not legally mean that it wasn’t rape, though she does seem to believe that both her and James’ drunkenness explains everything away.

A look through Instagram reveals that Lala and James have been regularly posting pictures of each other even though Lala claims that they’re not in a relationship. Last night they appeared together on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live!

Lala doesn’t appear to have commented on her statements publicly, nor has James, though yesterday, she retweeted Nik Richie’s tweet promoting her appearance on the podcast.

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Image via Lala Kent’s Instagram.

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