Vegas Club Suspends Promoter Who Called Women 'Whales and Hippos'


Las Vegas’s Hakkasan night club has suspended the promoter responsible for a douchey series of texts with a woman who was interested in organizing a bachelorette party in which the promoter claimed he needed to screen for “whales and hippos.”

As we reported earlier this week, a young woman we nicknamed Zoe received comically rude treatment from a club promoter associated with Hakkasan when she politely asked if she could have a table comped for a bachelorette party she was helping organize. The promoter informed her that in order for him to comp the table, he’d need pictures of all 15 women. After Zoe told him that providing the photo was a logistical impossibility and thank you very much for offering to help, but she was going to look elsewhere, the promoter proceeded to explain, totally unprompted, that Hakkasan doesn’t comp ugly, that “whales and hippos” are “not what Hakkasan is about” and then said something about women from Massachusetts never going to the gym. It was… pretty breathtaking.

Hakkasan swiftly announced that the employee had been suspended over the remarks, releasing the following statement:

Hakkasan Group prides ourselves on providing our guests with an unmatched level of customer service. The statements made by this individual, who has since been suspended pending further investigation, do not represent our corporate policy or our views. This type of attitude and communication is totally unacceptable, and while we cannot control every piece of communication between our thousands of staff and guests, we will not tolerate anything less than impeccable customer service.

They’ll presumably go back to screening for patron attractiveness in less obvious ways. As clubs do.

Meanwhile, the douchey promoter obsessed with the looks of female patrons moved another day closer to having an old man ass.

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