Vera Wang Makes Pleat Pleat Music


Vera Wang’s show was — well, let’s just use the word subdued. If you’re looking for fireworks, go elsewhere. But if you’re in the mood for gorgeous workmanship, subtle beauty and lots and lots and lots of pleats, you’ve come to the right place.

This show was a study in intricate workmanship — and the versatility of folds and pleating. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal — this was the pleat taken to its full potential.

Although the basic method unified the collection, Wang achieved a remarkable range of effects. Some of the dresses had a definite 1930s elegance to them.

Other dresses had a Victorian vibe.

And a few gave a nod to the current 70s craze — albeit a subtle one.

The other focus of the show? Outerwear. Variations on a parka were an earthy counterpoint to all those gossamer pleats.

And yup, she’s another one on the fur bandwagon.

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