'Very Shy' Dude Posts Nude Selfie With Giant Gun in Craigslist Ad


A man in Seattle may have posted the craziest ad for a roommate/possible sex partner ever.

In an ad (with an EXTREMELY NSFW PIC) titled “Room mate with a twist!” a man who referred to himself as “very shy” posted a picture of himself, showing off both his giant gun and his erection. Apparently this poor, very shy, lonely naked man with a huge gun wants some company! Maybe you’re the right fit.

The ad was posted to posted to Seattle’s Casual Encounters section, which as we all know is the Standard & Poor’s of Internet social networking forums. Check out his (maybe fake?) ad and find out if you might be compatible:

Very shy swm is seeking a room mate or mates. I live alone in a rather large place. You get a private room and bath. The room is not furnished. The rest of the place is very nicely furnished. I provide everything except food.

Food is not included in your rent; however, bullets are. He forgot to mention that.

My stats are that I am six feet two inches tall, weigh bout 210, in shape no beer belly. Very clean, Im sorta a neat freak.

Yes, don’t piss the naked guy with a huge gun off by leaving your dishes in the sink for too long. That’s a major roommate no-no.

I am open to both men and women, even couples. If the vibe is right. Must be warm and fuzzy. People with sensuality about them. I have been told that I am very well equipped where it counts !

Interesting that he’s reverting to cheeky sexual innuendo in the same ad where he just post a picture of his own erection. Moving on.

Please when replying to my ad, make sure you be as detailed as possible. Photos must have a shot of a seattle newspaper or equivelent. Giant sunglasses are advised, or black bar.

OH MY GOD WHY DOES HE NEED TO SEE A NEWSPAPER IN YOUR PHOTO? That’s what kidnappers send when they ransom people. Also, I would emphatically agree that if you’re going to send this guy a picture of yourself you should definitely disguise all recognizable features of your face.

Please do not make demands of me or request a bunch of photos, or private information. If I am interested in you, I will send a reply with a date and location for our first meeting. XXOXO

Yes, by all means, don’t make any irrational demands from the naked dude holding a gun. The ad (which, again, contains an extremely NSFW pic) is here. Click on it only if you are prepared to see penis.

I don’t know exactly what the hell this guy is looking for on Craigslist or when we as a society decided it was a good idea to start posting naked pictures with weapons to help find roommates, but I’m hoping this is some kind of terrible April Fools’ Day joke and this guy forgot to pull the ad when he and his buddies sobered up.

This could be totally fake (that never happens on the Internet), but even if it is, I don’t think it matters. Because this is truly a work of art.

Image via Craigslist.

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