Victoria Beckham Got Pregnant Just To Be In Vogue

  • Star claims that Victoria Beckham is having a fourth child on the proviso that American Vogue will photograph her while she’s up the duff. Beckham has been featured on and in virtually every other ladymag, but Vogue has eluded her.

Undergoing a total physical transformation that carries a non-zero chance of episiotomy vs. the strong possibility that Annie Leibovitz make you look hideous anyway: sounds like a great set of options, right there. [DS]

  • Kirsten Dunst modeled for a Boy by Band of Outsiders shoot at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, where presumably the whole crew stopped to stare the Blue Boy for a good, long minute. There is so much in this item to love. [TLF]
  • You guys! Gisele Bündchen totally never meant to claim sunscreen is full of “poison,” and to therefore engage in the kind of pseudoscientific scaremongering that might cause people dumb enough to take serious life advice from Gisele Bündchen the world over to go out and get cancer! She was just mis-translated. [StyleList]
  • Taylor Momsen, on being replaced as the face of Madonna‘s tween clothing line by Kelly Osbourne: “It’s fantastic, congratulations to her. She’ll have so much fun working with Madonna but just like any other contract it naturally came to a close. My deal ended and passing the torch has gone on to another great young woman, I’m excited to see the new photos. It was a great experience working with Madonna, I had so much fun doing it.” Her publicist should make her say it fifty times in front of the mirror next time, it’ll come off less robotic. [ContactMusic]
  • Bruce Oldfield presents an interesting hypothesis about Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress: “I’m sure the dress is going to be modest in terms of coverage. It has to be, you know? It will have sleeves, it has to have sleeves.” And what else? “I can predict she will wear a veil.” Of course, the very fact that Oldfield — once predicted to be the wedding dress designer frontrunner — is on Good Morning America talking about the royal wedding at all would rather seem to indicate that Oldfield has nothing to do with the garment in question, which we can exclusively predict will be white. [Vogue UK]
  • Kate Moss has allegedly banned Jamie Hince from drinking alcohol. Because that’s just how women are — as soon as you get engaged to one, she becomes a castrating bitch who’s gonna control your every move, bro. Watch out she doesn’t try and baby-trap you, dude. [Independent]
  • For two hours on February 12, PETA plans to protest Donna Karan‘s use of rabbit fur by playing something described as “rabbit screams” outside her New York offices. Yummmm. Rabbit. [NYObs]
  • Paolo Roversi shot Vanessa Paradis for the new cover of i-D. [DS]
  • Ralph Lauren is launching yet another sub-brand, this time focusing on denim. “Luxury” denim, natch. [WWD]
  • Crystal Renn says she will miss working with Carine Roitfeld, the lady who put her pubic hair in Vogue Paris. “I have to say working with Vogue Paris, with Carine, has been incredible,” Renn says. “I think that I truly understand talent now — and how inspiring people can be. She has taught me so much, just by being in her presence. All of the shoots that I have done with French Vogue have had some sort of message, have wanted to challenge the reader of the magazine — and that’s what I like, that’s what I like about the characters she has picked for me; they’re challenging. I think we have the same outlook when it comes to the shoots that we do.” [Vogue UK]
  • Coco Rocha wrote an introduction for Fashion TV presenter Jeanne Beker‘s forthcoming book. [Oh So Coco]
  • Last night at 10 p.m., Katie Fogarty was waiting at the end of a very long fashion week casting line. [@Katie_Fogs]
  • Michael Bay is shooting yet another Victoria’s Secret ad. [WWD]
  • Good news for those of us who like designer fashions but hate paying full price/The Nanny fans: Loehmann’s expects to emerge from bankruptcy by March 1. [WWD]
  • The parent company of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie is launching a new weddings e-commerce site, Bhldn. Dresses will be priced at $1,000-$4,000, and services like invitation printing will be introduced over the next year. At the Jezebel offices, we spent a little bit of time trying to figure out what Bhldn stands for. Our best guesses: Bride Hates Little Dogs Now, Bernard Henri-Levi Directs, Nude, Babies Help Liven Date Night, Benedictine Holies Levitate Directly Northward, and Brides Have Large Daunting Needs. [WWD]
  • Avon‘s profits declined in the last quarter by nearly 15%. [WWD]
  • Forever 21, that charming retail enterprise run by cult-y Christians who favor other Christians for promotion and pay some of their U.S. workers 13 cents per garment sewn, is launching two new designer collaborations with labels you have probably never heard of. [WWD]
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