​Vile Journo Releases Unconfirmed Name of UVA Victim "Jackie"


Charles C. Johnson, a former Daily Caller writer and founder of GotNews (a conservative site rife with racist and Islamophobic content parading as “Independent, Unbiased & Unafraid”) has claimed that multiple sources have confirmed to him the identity of “Jackie,” the woman whose alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia was recounted in the Rolling Stone piece “A Rape on Campus.” So, in an absolutely disgusting move, Johnson has published her name, or what he thinks her name is.

Last Friday, the already incendiary piece became even more controversial when, Rolling Stone released a statement admitting in light of new information they found discrepancies in the story and declaring their trust in Jackie, the subject of the piece, was “misplaced.” (Interestingly enough, Rolling Stone has quietly edited their statement, removing the bit about their misplaced trust.)

Given that unverified details ended up fracturing the story, it’s completely irresponsible of Johnson to do the exact same thing and publish an unconfirmed name while the story is still being investigated. It is also incredibly unfair to ignore Rolling Stone‘s role in publishing the story in the interest of placing all the blame on Jackie. The only purpose releasing her name could possibly serve is justifying the already prominent and twisted desire to doggedly discredit victims of sexual assault. It only encourages those who define sexual assault as “crying rape.”

Most importantly, publishing the real name is fucking dangerous. If Johnson is correct, he has put a young woman who has already been subjected to hatred and threats at even more risk.

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