Vine's Twerking Granny Calls Up the Spirit of Susan B. Anthony


A twerking senior citizen is looking to raise the ghost of feminist icon Susan B. Anthony from the dead so they can throw a big party together.

Vine user Brittany Lyn Turner posted this vine of the twerking granny a few weeks ago and it has blown up the Internet. Captioned “Susan b Anthony #shetwerkin #twerkteam #twerkdonphonics,” the short video has been shared more than 300,000 times.

Here is the twerking granny vine that will finally complete your life:

Sure, if Susan B. Anthony were alive today, she’d totally be twerking on the roof of a car and sharing the video with millions of strangers. There’s more evidence of twerking granny’s unbridled enthusiasm for to share her gift of dance-related feminist activism:

Looks like Baddie Winkle has some competition for the title of Internet’s Most Badass Granny.

Image via Brittany Lyn Turner Vine.

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