Vivienne Westwood Says Punk Was "Just A Marketing Opportunity"


In the week of her 70th birthday, Vivienne Westwood tells the Wall Street Journal about her favorite book (A La Recherche du Temps Perdu), her favorite experience (Noh theater), and what she likes to cook (Beef Wellington). She rarely watches her own fashion shows. And the secret to a good marriage, in case you were wondering, “is tolerance. Don’t expect anything. I’m quite secure in my marriage. I could be wrong; if I am, I don’t really care, actually, because I am so committed to this relationship.” Westwood on young people: “I don’t put any faith in youth. I do to the extent they’re always idealistic, but the last lot of them have been brought up to be heavy consumers.” But she also says of the punk movement, “when I look back, it was only a look, and it was just a marketing opportunity.” [WSJ]

Lauren Conrad is on the cover of Allure, for some reason. She has strong feelings about having once been referred to in the press as a “Reality show talent”: “I’m like, ‘What’s my talent?'” WE HAVE BEEN WONDERING THAT SINCE 2006, Lauren. [JustJared]

Apparently, Allure has an “annual nude issue”? Keri Hilson and Ashley Tisdale are in it. Tisdale takes this opportunity to state these facts: “I’m not just the young girl everyone thinks I am. I’m actually a woman.” Guys, it’s time for me to tell you something. I’m not just the obstinate blogger everyone thinks I am. I’m actually a highly trained pangolin with a fondness for Manhattans. [TLF]

Marquita Pring shot bathing suits and beach cover-ups for New York. [The Cut]

Agyness Deyn, sporting blonde hair again, worked with Tim Walker for British Vogue‘s May issue. The editorial was shot in the Namib desert and is the model formerly known as Laura Hollins’ first appearance in the magazine in two years. [Fashionologie]

Karl Lagerfeld threw a party to celebrate his “collaboration” with “Coca Light” (what the freedom-hating surrendermonkeys across the Atlantic call Diet Coke) and all the waiters were dressed like him. [WWD]

Can you guess who shot this Diesel ad? His name rhymes with Merry Kitschardson. [Copyranter]

Terry also shot Riley KeoughElvis‘s granddaughter, who models — for Lee Jeans. [Racked]

Here is a photo of a very young Stella McCartney and her dad, eating cotton candy — or as they would call it, being Brits, candyfloss. [WOW]

  • John Galliano was heckled by photographers at LAX airport, one of whom called him a “fucking racist.” Galliano, who did not respond, was changing flights after leaving a roughly month-long treatment at a rehab center in Arizona. [Fashionologie]
  • Kate Middleton is said to have had three wedding dresses made. In case one leaks to the press, she’ll still have two to choose from. [Fashionologie]
  • After Snoop Dogg said that, hypothetically, he’d love to do a children’s clothing line with his pal David Beckham, this headline was written: “David Beckham Following Victoria Into Fashion With Kids’ Clothes Range With Snoop Dogg.” At least the apostrophe is correct. [Mirror]
  • Leslie Wexner, the C.E.O. of Limited Brands, which owns Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, made $20.5 million last year. That’s nearly double what he made in 2010. [WWD]
  • Profits at Puig, the group that owns Carolina Herrera and Nina Ricci, among other brands, rose 57% last year. [WWD]
  • Let it be known that Kate Moss‘s name has been officially struck off the international tabloid register of women with acceptably-sized bodies: for, sayeth the Daily Fail, Kate Moss Is Fat. [Daily Mail]
  • Sears is adding bigger cosmetics and beauty departments to over 100 of its stores. [WWD]
  • Vogue editor Lauren Santo Domingo — she who doesn’t wash and dry her own hair, because there are people in this city who are really good at doing that for her, and Lauren Santo Domingo is all like, ‘Why learn, ha ha?’ — includes a crocodile skin Proenza Schouler PS1, a Louis Vuitton carry-on, and a Nina Ricci tote on her list of five “essential” bags. [Bag Snob]
  • Now that Christian Louboutin is aware that sometimes other designers put red soles on their shoes — as Louboutin has done since 1992 — he is apparently suing everyone: Yves Saint Laurent last week, and now, a designer from Brazil named Carmen Steffens. [WWD]
  • Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones‘ first full seasonal collection will be carried by Steven Alan and, among other retailers. [WWD]
  • Prada‘s spring collection has been eating up all the magazine covers — various pieces from the stripey, brightly colored show have been featured on 15 international fashion covers so far. [Fashionista]
  • Vincent Cassel in an Yves Saint Laurent ad? Yes, please. [YouTube]
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