Vogue Misidentifies Own Cover Model

There’s something strange about this behind-the-scenes video Vogue editors uploaded about their OMG! MODELS! May issue.

This girl? The one identified in her chyron as Natasha Poly? Is not Natasha Poly.

Her real name is Anna Maria Jagodzinska. She is 21 years old and from Poland. Vogue staffers might recognize Jagodzinska from the cover of their magazine.

Right, Condé Nasties, that’s her in the top row! (Clue: not the black one.)

Who is “Natasha Poly,” you ask? Natasha Polevshchikova, better known by the name Natasha Poly, is a 23-year-old who grew up in the Russian city of Perm. It is true that Poly is also on the current Vogue cover — Steven Meisel managed to find a space for her at the edge of the fold-out.

Poly has green eyes and dark blonde hair (which is currently dyed a few shades lighter). Jagodzinska has blue eyes and is that particularly Polish hue of blonde. Poly is known for walking in a lot of runway shows, shooting four consecutive international Vogue covers, and modeling frequently for Gucci. Jagodzinska is known for being Steven Meisel’s current muse, taking the year 2007 off to study, and booking 12 campaigns this season. Poly has hollow cheeks and an adorable button nose; Jagodzinska has a long, straight nose and cheekbones that could cut bread. Are we getting clearer? Let’s summarize.

This is Natasha Poly:

And this is Anna Maria Jagodzinska:

It really spells trouble when Vogue can’t keep its blonde Eastern European cover models straight.

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