Want: Creepy Friendship Bracelets That Light Up When Your Friend Is Around


For as long as yarn and lanyard have existed, so have friendship bracelets. It’s about time for a modern update. Say it with me now: Bluetooth-Enabled Friendship Bracelets That Light Up When Your Best Friend Is Around!

A company named Gemio created friendship bracelets with color sensors that sync up so that friends can always know when they’re in the same vicinity. Instead of texting your bestie like, “hey, where are you?” you can just be like, “There she is.”

The bracelets also let best friends exchange special messages using lights, sort of like morse code, which is also more effective than texting.

Mashable reports:

Certain colors will light up depending on who you are with, what you are doing (gesture recognition) and what you are wearing (due to an onboard color sensor.)
The bracelet itself comes in different colors and patterns, but teens can personalize their piece of jewelry by changing detachable gems using an online design studio that connects via wireless sync.

These bracelets will be helpful in distinguishing one best friend from another……if you have that problem 🙁

The company’s CEO Michael Bettua says it’s a cool option for teens, most of whom are creepy. “We designed it for teens because they are trendsetters in both fashion and technology,” he says. “We focused on what’s important to them: self-expression and connecting with friends.”

The cost will range from $69-$99 when it begins selling in November.

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