Watch 100-Year-Old Moms Share Advice on Motherhood


For these moms, all 100 years or older, motherhood has a lot of meanings. The women talk about everything—from how it felt to find out they were going to be moms to the heartbreak of sending their children off to war.

The video, courtesy of Mashable in honor of the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, asks what it means to be a mother. “Strength,” says Sadie Adler, triumphantly. “Listen to your children and treat them as a grown up,” she advises. Connie Isaacs has another great idea about how to parent. “Let your kids do what they want to do,” she says, laughing.

Not everything about being a mom is the warm fuzzies. Adler describes what it was like to be a mother during wartime. “That was the worst. When you see your kid go away. And then you see the papers with the casualties. That was shattering.”

“I had it easy because I had good kids,” says Isaacs. WHAT IS THIS RAIN ON MY FACE?

I asked my mother (who is definitely not 100, just so I avoid any angry emails from her) to share her advice on motherhood with all of you, in honor of . She said “You mean how I survived raising you? Peach schnapps and lots of patience.”

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