Watch a Chinese Guy Nonchalantly Catch a Falling Baby


A baby plummeting from a second-story window was caught by two passers by and the whole thing was caught on video and what a strange, weird world we live in. Lanky babies falling from the sky. Crowds standing around to watch the infant swan dive. People helping each other in weird, terrifying ways.

According to the Guardian, security cameras caught everything as a crowd of onlookers watched for several minutes as the baby, apparently looking for his mother, tottered on the edge of a second floor windowsill during a rainstorm. People gathered what they could find to break the baby’s fall — cardboard and couches, which you can see piled in front of the man who eventually catch the baby. Chinese state media identifies the babycatcher as a street vendor named Mr. Li.

Like most Chinese state media releases, my first instinct is to assume that this video is as fake as the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony fireworks. But if it is fake, it looks pretty damn convincing.

What say you, internet? Real? Fake? Does it even matter?

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