Watch a Mad Chill Kelly Ripa Chug a Bottle of Moonshine on Broad City


Kelly Ripa guest starred on Wednesday night’s Broad City, playing a majorly chill, boozed up version of herself with a thing for prostitutes.

In the episode, Abbi ends up hanging at Ripa’s apartment (fulfilling all of our fantasies) after returning the coat she lost in a mix-up during her coat-check shift. Naturally, they bond over pranks and Bed, Bath & Beyond and become BFNs, best friends for a night.

Ripa’s liquor of choice: a special batch of moonshine. It’s all good until she orders a pair of male prostitutes and Abbi decides to bail. Ripa previously referred to her Broad City self as her “alter ego’s alter ego,” which means it’s really her true self and she’s not fooling anyone.

Ilana had a more complicated bonding session, having fallen for a woman named Adele who’s her exact physical and mental lookalike. Somehow this freaks her out. Her liberal sexuality has its limitations. “That’s what’s so hot about it—it’s like hooking up with yourself,” Adele argues.

Something to think about, certainly.

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