Watch Glenn Beck Play With Dolls for 10 Unhinged Minutes


Someone please tell me: What are the chances that Glenn Beck is actually a genius performance artist and not an actually pundit? If the answer is “high,” I’m thrilled because Old Sweat Sobs has become increasingly abstract and absurdist in recent months — and just when you thought he couldn’t get any nuttier!

As proof, I present this footage from Beck’s radio show yesterday, which features him gleefully playing with Wizard of Oz dolls for TEN WHOLE MINUTES:

I guess all that doll play is supposed to add up into an allegory for the U.S. government, but don’t feel bad if you missed that. The metaphor is nonsense to begin with and besides, Beck gets so distracted by all the fun he’s having that I don’t think even he knows what he’s talking about anymore.

You’re witnessing true art, SHEEPLE. Now book this guy a basement show in Bushwick already.

[The Blaze]

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