Watch Hannibal Buress Track Down and Confront an Angry Twitter Troll


Hannibal Buress’ new weekly Comedy Central series Why? premiered on Wednesday night and featured a bit where the host comes face to face with a trash-talking Twitter troll with the handle @NotAFannibal.

Watch below as Hannibal tracks down the IP address for the fake account, which has tweeted things like, “Hannibal is such a strong name for a weak act.” When he pops in on his hater IRL (*don’t try this at home*), it turns out to be none other than Amy Schumer.

“Why would you do this?! You trolling me?” he asks.

Schumer’s defense: “No one’s friends in comedy, Hannibal! Wake up! We’re too self-involved. We can’t have friends.” Also: “We can’t both have TV shows,” she says.

The Schumer bit was the lone highlight of a first episode that overall had an awkward beat to it. From the Conan O’Brien opening (Conan’s audience voted on whether Conan should be Hannibal’s first guest, and they declined) to the final 8th of July bit with a bumbling Benjamin Franklin, the punchlines felt bumpy. But hopefully Hannibal’s dry wit will carry this show through and smooth out the kinks.

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