Watch Ke$ha's Backup Dancers Crash a Westboro Baptist Protest


The Westboro Baptist Church is a hate organization with the values of an angry, embittered ghost from 1860 and the wit of the meanest person in your third grade class. Case in point: “God Hates Who U R,” a parody the group penned of Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” meant to reverse the cheerful, autotuned anthem’s message of acceptance.

“God Hates Who U R” has been around for two years; as the WBC is hugely unconcerned with the idea of recycling old material, they decided to spread God’s message of love by milling around outside of a Ke$ha concert in Lincoln, Nebraska and singing it to like 4 or 5 people (sample lyric: “Hates you? Of course he does!/You’re running ’round town dressed like a slut.”).

Ke$ha responded as was only appropriate: by sending three of her backup dancers to perform their choreography to the WBC’s “parody.” Normally, I would say that the WBC doesn’t deserve to be legitimized with any response — but, in this case, the response is three pelvic-thrusting men in tank tops. So, ok, yes, very good work, Ke$ha.

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