Watch Pretentious Fashion Week Attendees Gush About Fake Designers


New York Fashion Week is drawing to a close, which means that every human with a personal style blog and a app for iOs tablet or smartphone will recede into the shadows, muttering about silhouettes and architectural tailoring while gnawing on a lemon rind, until February rolls around.

In tribute to this, Goblin King of Chortle Kingdom Jimmy Kimmel and his crew are up to their old tricks, fooling pseudo-fashionistas into enthusing about shit that’s entirely made up. I kind of thought most responses to his crew would be, “You look like a soiled peasant hoisting that camera about; you probably wear Ugg Boots and eat ranch dressing on top of cheese as a snack; please remove your idiot paw from my personal space,” but it seems like my expectations of snootiness were too high.

If you get past the particularly painful first interview, there are some true gems. My personal favorite: a young gentleman with bright green hair snapping, “It’s called fashion; look it up” in response to a clearly photoshopped image of a model with a watermelon on his head.

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