Watch Ronda Rousey Almost Break Cat Zingano's Arm in Just 14 Seconds


On Saturday, MMA fighter Ronda Rousey beat her opponent Cat Zingano in 14 seconds. 14. Seconds. She got in, she got into a position that would break Zingano’s limb and it was over. So let’s talk about, Ronda shall we?

Jezebel editor-in-chief Emma Carmichael watched the Riverside, California native’s rise during the 2008 Summer Olympics where Rousey became the first American woman to earn a bronze medal in Judo. Her mom Dr. AnnMaria De Mars is a former Juduko champion herself so, you know, it runs in the family.

We talked for about an hour. Dr. De Mars told me that she’d continued training with Ronda until, at 16 years old, daughter fractured mother’s wrist in a workout. Now she was happy to watch from the sidelines. Ronda’s father had died when she was eight years old — a fact that had been well-publicized before our conversation — and her mother told me that she was bringing the American flag they’d draped over his coffin at the funeral to Beijing, to hang in the arena after Rousey earned her medal.
“If there’s going to be a flag, it has to be that flag,” she said.

Rousey won, the flag was hung and two years later she began as an MMA fighter and began her legacy in the UFC.

Now Rousey is undefeated and the first and current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. UFC president Dana White has even compared her to Mike Tyson in his prime. From SB Nation:

“She is – without a doubt – that female version of him,” he continued. ” … It got to a point with the Tyson thing where…well, tonight. Let’s talk about tonight. You guys have been around the fight game a long time, there’s very few situations where a fight goes 14 seconds and the crowd is cheering and going crazy, looking at each other with their mouths open. … Ronda is definitely there, that’s exactly what she reminds me of.”

She is also the mad dog champion (6.43) of the world, Rousey and the Williams sisters should do a face-off, I’d watch.

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