Watch Some Dudes Witness the Miracle of Childbirth for the First Time


Childbirth is one messy, horrible, beautiful, painful, awe-inspiring, bodily fluid geyser of a shitshow. As a twenty-something with no intention of starting a family anytime soon, it absolutely terrifies me. So let’s watch some dudes watch some childbirth so I can feel better about my own fears regarding the miracle that is giving birth to a baby.

I never know how I feel about the practice of putting dudes through the pain that is simply part of life as a female and filming it. Whether it’s seeing how they respond to seeing a woman give birth to a child or watching undergo them a simulation of labor pains, it’s certainly entertaining to see a reaction to something so foreign and so human (and so very painful). But it’s not exactly gratifying. Then again, isn’t it always endearing to watch someone’s mind get blown?

Happy Labor Day, folks.

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