Watch Terrified Children First Encounter McDonald's New Mascot

In Depth

GrubStreet gathered a bunch of actual kids in a room to react to Happy, the Demon Burger of Fleet Street, and McDonald’s should probably be pretty sobered by the results.

GrubStreet had them sit in a room and close their eyes before setting the Happy Monstrosity on the desk next to them, and the results were…well… less than ideal for McDonald’s.

“AAAAAH!” shouts one girl before putting her head in her hands, echoing the sentiments of everyone in America. “It’s like a little box that’s alive that’s saying ‘Oh, finally I found a human that I can eat,” says another kid, in perhaps the most succinct summation of the Nightmare Meal. One kid did say, “Overall, it’s awesome,” but I’m pretty sure that just means he’s landed on an FBI watch list.

By the way, apparently one of these was sent with a USB hookup to the GM offices, and now everyone is scared to look it in the face. I’ve also begged them to please, please never plug it in, because I really don’t want to see “GAWKER MEDIA EMPLOYEES MURDERED EN MASSE BY SENTIENT BURGER-PEDDLING DEMONSPAWN” splashed across HuffPo.

Image via Johan Larson/Shutterstock.

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