Watch the Full Version of Kim and Kanye's Krazy Engagement


Back in October, Kanye West put on an elaborate production of his proposal to Kim Kardashian in a baseball stadium—replete with pyrotechnics, a Jumbotron, and a 90-piece orchestra—with the exclusive film rights going to E! for Kim’s reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Here is how it all went down.

The only snag in what was otherwise a perfectly executed surprise—for Kim, her unsuspecting family and friends, a bunch of Silicon Valley nerds that Kanye invited, and the general public—is that YouTube creator Chad Hurley filmed parts of the proposal and then posted it to his new startup MixBit, despite signing a confidentiality agreement. (They later sued him.)

What wasn’t discussed on last night’s episode was why the Jenners were excluded from the event. Brody has admitted that he wasn’t invited. It was rumored that Bruce wasn’t invited either, nor had he any idea that Kim was getting engaged. Nobody in the family came forward to refute those rumors. There was a brief scene tacked on later in the episode in which Bruce and Kris are speaking on the phone (days? weeks? months?) after the engagement and Kris briefly mentions something about how Bruce was unable to make it because he was “traveling.”

Kanye, who has opted to not participate in the family business of the reality shows, did allow the show to use his song “Black Skinhead” in last night’s episode.

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