Watch the Future Arya and Sansa Stark Kill It at Their Game of Thrones Auditions


Here’s Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams acting the crap out of their GoT auditions. Get it, ladies.

This is awesome, but it’s always a little weird when you see actors who are normally heavily costumed in street clothes — it’s like they’re people. Weird! Also, they both look so young, which is unsurprising because the auditions probably took place in late 2010/early 2011, but still. (And yes, I know the video was uploaded last year — but even if you’ve already seen it, another viewing can only make you a better, more interesting person. And if you’re still mad, here’s Jon Snow with some wolflings. )

I’ve watched this video several times — these young women are crazy talented. Favorite lines: “You caaaaant look for rubies!” and “He sleeps in the meat wagon!”

Is it Sunday yet??

[via Daily Dot]

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