Watch The Official Trailer For The Unauthorized Sarah Palin Documentary


Have you ever wondered what the citizens of Wasilla, Alaska really think about Sarah Palin? In You Betcha!, documentarian and director Nick Broomfield travels to Palin’s hometown to interview the people, local government officials, and even a few family members to get their honest, realistic thoughts on the woman we all love to hate.

This trailer comes as a contrast to the preview of the film we got a glimpse of over the Summer, which seemed sort of dry and kind of like a snoozefest. But this edition features highly-animated town-folk exclaiming their favorite adjectives to describe the woman (which included “dangerous,” “sociopath,” and “nice lady”.) The description of Sarah Palin: You Betcha! goes as such:

Nick Broomfield’s quest for the real Sarah Palin. This involves battling the icy snows of Alaska in mid winter, the school friends, family, and Republican colleagues that in previous days gave their heart, soul and belief, to the charismatic, charming, intoxicating ex hockey mum.
But it’s not all plain sailing. People are frightened to talk, Wasilla makes Twin Peaks look like a walk in the park. It’s a devout evangelical community — 76 churches with a population of only 6 thousand, and the Crystal meth capitol of Alaska.

The film will be released in select theaters on September 30th.

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