Watch This Video Try To Explain How Barbie Became So 'Sexy'


Remember that time Barbie was a McDonald’s worker? How about when she was a presidentital candidate? This mini-mini-doc delves into Barbie’s rich employment history and how she competes with today’s dolls.

Full confession—I mostly wanted to post this video so I could gawk at all her old outfits and see which ones I had. Since 1960, Barbie’s gone from being a fashion editor to flight attendant to doctor to a police woman (who came with her own prom dress, because we all know how important it is to have formal wear handy when you’re chasing bad guys.) I never knew there was a TV Chef Barbie and now I kind of want one, so I can act out my own dreams of being a television food personality through Barbie. But the video also looks at how she became a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model and talks about doll makers “sexing” her up. So come for the retro Barbie outfits and stay for a discussion on all that. I’ll be over here, making a list of my favorite Barbie dolls from the 80s.

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