Watch Two Rabbits Celebrate Easter by Fornicating on a Local News Show


Like so many of us, this pair of cute lil’ buns celebrated the Easter holidays by engaging in a televised orgy on top of a desk.

This charming little clip comes from WBIR, Knoxville’s local TV station; in it, one bunny starts humping the other bunny’s flank in the middle of a broadcast, disrupting all the Easter fun (i.e., picnic-related conversation, the casual wearing of pastel-hued neckties). It’s really sad to see that the animal kingdom is also caught up in the War on Easter.

ANYWAY, we’re spared the indecency of watching two small furry mammals kinda wriggle around on top of each other by a graceful segue to a human baby. Fun rabbit sex fact: they sometimes pee on each other as foreplay and the act of mating lasts from 20-40 seconds. Nature is so beautiful.

[H/T Daily Dot]

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