Watch Your Back, Bunnicula: It's Lazarus, the Vampire Cat


Meet Lazarus, the cat who looks like a vampire because of a combo of his cleft palate and protruding lower fangs. Or, he might look like a vampire because he is one. We’ll probably never know. (We’d already know.)

God’s littlest vampire was found wandering the streets by a student at East Tennessee State University. Since the 10-week-old kitten was clearly sickly, the student brought him to Cindy Chambers, a special education faculty member who’s known for fostering animals. She took him straight to the vet.

In addition to being malnourished and flea-ridden, he had a scary mouth and nasal passages infection, as well. After a complex series of treatments for reoccurring infections, Chambers’ finally figured out that they needed to remove Lazarus’ top canine teeth.

Now, at ten months old, Lazarus is perfectly healthy, and Chambers’ has plans to train him as a therapy cat so folks can see that people and animals with disabilities are positive contributors to society. “You immediately feel some kind of connection with Lazarus because he has such a great personality and he’s just so loving. His disability really isn’t a focus,” she said. “He’s just a really awesome cat.”

An idea. To raise money for her favorite animal charity, perhaps Chambers would want to put together calendar featuring Lazarus dressed as various famous vampires. People would probably pay the big buck$ for a well-crafted homage (catmage?) to Bill and Sookie.

[Catster, Lazarus on FB]

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