We Tested A Wrinkle Patch On A Lady Who Earned Her Wrinkles


A while back we received a product that advertised itself as “a new treatment in beauty that’s perfect for tonight’s big date.” That product was Biobliss, a patch that, when applied to your face for an hour, supposedly “reduces wrinkles up to 50%.” Because of our commitment to science, we had to test it.

But since ads for wrinkle treatments usually feature women in their forties or younger, we decided to try Biobliss out on somebody who’s put in the time to earn her wrinkles. That would be Lynn Dell, the ultra-glamorous owner of Boutique Off Broadway, who’s been featured on Advanced Style, among other places. Lynn generously agreed to try on the patch in her boutique, and now we have the results.

Here’s Lynn before Biobliss. Note the awesome hat.

Here she is applying the patch. As she points out, it makes a pretty good accessory.

And, the big reveal. After an hour of wearing the patch, Lynn felt her wrinkles had been reduced “a little bit.” She also said she’d use it again if it wasn’t too expensive. The patch currently retails for $48.99 for a 2-pack, which seems a little steep for just two one-hour treatments. By way of comparison, for the price of about eight of the patches, you can get this bangin’ hat. It may not remove your wrinkles, but it will make you “the most noticed woman in the room.” Unless Lynn is there.

Maeve Kierans and Matt Toder provided invaluable photography and videography assistance for this post.

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Biobliss [Home]

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