Weatherman Rescues Kitten From Tornado Rubble


A meteorologist in Ohio saved a helpless kitten after a devastating tornado and reunited it with its family.

Last Wednesday, an EF3 tornado tore through roughly nine miles of Cedarville in Greene County. Rich Wirdzek, a meteorologist with WHIO, was filming a segment about the aftermath of the tornado when he heard a meowing coming from the rubble. He followed the sound and discovered a kitten, alive and crying for help. Via WHIO:

He found the kitten and pulled it from the debris. The kitten was placed in a jacket and was kept warm in a News Center 7 live truck. The kitten survived a tornado that destroyed two homes and a barn owned by the Dobbins family at Weimer and Barber roads in Cedarville. The Dobbins family says the kitten was one of several born in their barn recently.

According to WIHO, two other kittens survived and were found among the rubble. They all got names inspired by their story: Twister, Storm and Lucky.

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