Web Series Tackles the Headaches of Getting Over a Break Up


You know what it’s like. You are totally over and done with your relationship, but for some reason you just can’t quite deal with the fact that it’s ending. Oh yeah. We’ve all been there.

Directed by Matt Kazman and produced by Jeff Schwartz, Love’s a Bitch is a comedy series about the aftermath of Wes and Allison’s breakup, highlighting all the stupid, ridiculous things we try and do to get over relationships. Like going out with another ex to try and sort out what all went wrong in your current breakup. I won’t embarrass any of you by asking how many of you have done this, but I will embarrass myself by admitting that I HAVE DONE THIS, YOU GUYS. It’s a terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible idea, by the way. In case you had any doubt.

I like this series (although, admittedly I haven’t finished all the episodes yet) and I think it’s pretty funny! Because what’s more hilarious than laughing at the idea of having your
heart ripped out, stuffed back into your chest, then ripped out again,
stomped on all over the floor and then having someone walk by and say
“hey are you going to clean that up or what?” (BRB, GONNA GO CRY IN MY CLOSET FOR ABOUT AN HOUR, GUYS)

Watch the first episode above; the rest are here.

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