​Weed Weddings Are the Latest Trailblazin' Trend in Nuptials


Want some Holy Grail with your holy matrimony?

In this age of fast-paced wedding trends including beta-marriages, wedding hashtags, and er, mason jars, our friends in the green-friendly states have put their finger on a wedding practice that’s more about chilling the fuck out. Weed weddings are predictably starting to gain ground in Colorado and Washington since legalization, because if you’re going to incorporate the people you cherish the most on your special day, you sure as hell can incorporate the Kush you cherish the most.

Smoking up at a wedding isn’t exactly the most ground-breaking act, but couples are really taking advantage of legalization: from bouquets and complementary boutonnieres speckled with buds and leaves to offering joints and mini-vaporizers as wedding favors, to cutting a pot-infused wedding cake. One Colorado couple even used small marijuana plants as a seating arrangement guide—instead of being labeled after famous composers or mountains peaks in Colorado, the tables were all named after different strains of weed.

As Lois Smith Brady writes in the New York Times (which by the way is currently running a six-part series of pro-legalization pieces accompanied by the MOST stoner-y interactive graphic), marijuana is starting to gain some ground as a legitimate addition to (and alternative to alcohol) in weddings:

Many pot enthusiasts think of alcohol as an old-fashioned, old-school toxin whose overuse can inflame family tensions and cause people to say horrible things, especially at weddings. In comparison, marijuana, they contend, is more like a tonic that calms people down and makes them like each other more rather than less — perfect for a wedding, they say.

Brady spoke with a couple who runs a bed and breakfast and hosted a weed-friendly wedding:

“Marijuana intoxication is full of positive emotion. People feel love and connection. Every single person cried at the wedding.”

I get it, I get the community building, and the primordial connections being made in the name of the higher One Love, but were they crying because of the wedding or were they crying because they smoked too much, and thought that they were going to die because their hearts literally skipped a beat? Asking for a friend.

As d0p3 as weed may be at a wedding, it’s still pretty divisive. Obviously it’s probably not a good idea to have children around a bunch of edibles though plenty of people opt to leave their kids with the sitter for weddings anyway. Still it can be awkward for those who don’t partake in smoking or simply don’t want to come home from a wedding with their nice wedding clothes reeking like a college dorm on 4/20 (or any other day of the year, really). Also, as Brady wrote, one wedding offered marijuana, and everyone ended up getting stoned, leaving the dance floor largely untouched, which is an unforgivable sin in my book.

Nonetheless, t’s an interesting trend considering the size and bankability of the wedding industry to begin with. And given the popularity of Gatsby-themed weddings, barnyard weddings, etc., there is something about having a wedding based around the central idea of “This Shit is Dank” that is just so delightful.

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