Weepy, Maybe-Pregnant Kate Major Alleges Coked-Up Michael Lohan Raped Her


When a guy has been doing cocaine “all night” and then throws a remote at a woman’s head, handcuffs her to a bed and “forcefully” has sex with her, that’s rape, right? As far as trainwreckery goes, Kate Major — former Star magazine reporter, former girlfriend of Jon Gosselin, and current ex of Michael Lohan — really brought it today on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. She described “forceful sex” that sounds like rape, as well as drug use, verbal and physical abuse. Is she a fame-hungry limelight-seeking attention-obsessed delusional person? Probably! But rape is rape. And it’s super sad to see anyone in a violent relationship.

Oh, and she might be pregnant with Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister.

But wait! There’s more: Kate Major was arrested today at LAX, after she was denied boarding because she was intoxicated.

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