Welcome to Earth, Tiny Baby Polar Bear


Today, I met a bear. Not in the wild, where I’d be reluctant to meet a bear, but on the Internet, where tiny, perfect bears yawn at you gently without any intention of biting off your leg.

The bear in question, featured in the above video, was born 27 days ago at the Berlin Zoo, and he is perfect.

Look at him yawn!

Look at him stretch!

Look at him stick out his tiny little bear tongue!

Look how much he loves to cuddle with his bear mother!

According to Sky News, his bear mother, Tonja, lost two tiny bear children over the last year, and so it is with great bear joy that she welcomed this wiggly little bear creature, and with a protective, furry arm that she keeps him warm at night. And it is with great human joy that I get to watch this little bear enjoy babyhood, now that Fiona is a spicy teen who would rather drink Mike’s Hard with her friends in the park than spend quality time with me.

2018 has not been a good year for polar bears, with study after study showing that climate change poses a perilous threat to the species. I cannot imagine 2019 will be better. But I hope this new bear is happy and safe in Berlin, and gets to eat lots of fish.

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