Well, Gwen Stefani, No One Wants a 'Covid Situation' at Their Wedding!

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Well, Gwen Stefani, No One Wants a 'Covid Situation' at Their Wedding!
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As you may know, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are engaged to be married after what has felt like an entire lifetime. Though I feel strongly that they are the worst couple in America, I am happy that they’ve found each other. I suppose I’m also happy that Gwen Stefani will be speaking to press about wedding planning, as it often results in, pardon me, “no, duh!!!” statements that are then reported on with some level of seriousness.

Here’s the latest: while Gwen and Blake are itching to get hitched, she’s also not trying to make her wedding a super-spreader event. Speaking to Ryan Seacrest on an episode of his podcast, which I’m sure has a name but I refuse to acknowledge beyond this, she said:

“I would say I just want my parents there at this point. My parents wouldn’t come to Thanksgiving because they’re so scared so really would rather it not be a COVID situation. Like, I would rather not have masks and that kind of thing,” said the mom of three, who shares sons Kingston, 14, Zuma, 12, and Apollo, 6, with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.
“Even when you cut it down to just family, it’s too many people for COVID so we’re going to see what happens in the next few months,” The Voice coach shared.

Gwen… I want you to have the wedding you want to have, and I also want your parents to be there—especially because I respect their decision not to attend Thanksgiving due to their fears about coronavirus. However, I feel it is important to note that no one really wants their wedding or any special day, really, to turn into a “covid situation,” though my interpretation of that phrase was a super-spreader event in which everyone who attends the nuptials of Gwen Shelton and Blake Stefani leaves with the virus. What Gwen seems to be referring to, here, is a wedding with masks. Okay. Fair… I guess.

I’m no doctor or public health expert and will never pretend to be, but taking a gander at the news these days leads me to believe that we have a bit of time yet before weddings and the like return to normal—especially a celebrity wedding of the sort that Gwen and Blake would probably throw so that they can make money off the pictures by selling them!!! Maybe elope instead? [People]

Of all the things Madonna has done over the course of her 62 years on this planet, getting a tattoo of her children’s initials in “old typewriter” font is the least shocking.

I do wish that she’d kept the bandana over her face when she’s lying down in that one shot and I also respect the choice to make her boyfriend take photographs of this entire thing as if it were a special or unusual occurrence and not something people do every day. Oh well, bitch, it’s Madonna! [People]

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