Welp, We Have Found the Youths That Support Joe Biden

Welp, We Have Found the Youths That Support Joe Biden

Young people may not be Joe Biden’s loudest and proudest supporters, but these youthful Biden fans exist—at least theoretically. Regardless of their numbers, they’re the part of his base who are most comfortable coming up with campaign chants based off of Backstreet Boys songs.

“Biden’s back, all right!” a group of young New Hampshire supporters sang in front of a bewildered but amused Biden. It was unclear whether he recognized the tune. He told onlookers that the impromptu singers were “good.”

Maybe, just maybe, there is a place in every campaign for people with this particular skill set. And maybe, just maybe, Biden’s campaign is the most appropriate home for it. Relic of a banger, meet relic of a candidate:

Both Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg have requests for partial recanvassing of the Iowa Caucus results—which is both frustrating and fair, considering the subsequent shitshow. According to the Associated Press, the Sanders campaign has cited “mathematical errors and inconsistencies” in over two dozen locations that they claim would change the results of the caucus outcome if altered. The Buttigieg campaign is requesting that the Iowa Democratic Party check the results of 66 precincts.

Reminder, a recanvass isn’t the same as a recount, and the legalities are… strange. From the AP:

Iowa Democratic Party volunteers have already undertaken this process with most of the precincts, and the party has told Iowa Democratic activists it will not correct any faulty math recorded by volunteers in each precinct because changing the paper documentation would amount to criminally tampering with a legal document.

Please… end the caucuses. For once and for all.

  • New York state is suing the Trump administration over its petty global entry ban. [NBC News]
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