Wendy Williams: Caitlyn Jenner Isn’t Really a Woman Because She 'Still Has a Member’

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We’re still doing this, I guess! During the “Hot Topics” segment of her show Tuesday, Wendy Williams brought up the Kardashian-Jenner’s cover shoot for Cosmopolitan. She said:

“It features all the Kardashian women. No, not Caitlyn. Caitlyn still has a member, so that is not a—”

She then pursed her lips for comedic effect, and turned to her two producers offstage. One laughed uncomfortably, while the other shook his head and looked down. She then attempted to explain herself, and found herself deeper in a hole:

“I mean until you don’t, aren’t you caught in limbo?”

Her audience screamed, “Yes!”

“That’s all,” she said before moving on.

You know, for a straight woman who receives much of her gossip from the gay people on her staff and whose “catchphrase” was lifted from drag culture, she certainly doesn’t seem to give the slightest bit of a shit about treating the LGBTQ community with any respect. Oh well, I guess. Who cares if transgender women are still being murdered in this country “at a historic rate”? All she wants is for people to buy her clothes!


In an interview with BBC’s Radio 1, Emma Watson shared her very intriguing thoughts about leather with host Nick Grimshaw. When asked whether or not she would accept a leather bag as a gift, she responded:

If it’s well sourced, maybe? As long as no one’s in tons of awful, horrible pain. As long as no animals are seriously hurt in the process, then that’s fine with me.

She must have attended the same lecture as legendary ANTM contestant Kathleen. God, cycle 8 was so good.


Good headline, Page Six!

[Page Six]

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