We’re Obsessed With Watching This Anti-Feminist ‘Alpha Male’ Get Ethered On TikTok

TikTok user @hearbreaknino617 may think he's hot shit, but he's getting mercilessly dunked on

We’re Obsessed With Watching This Anti-Feminist ‘Alpha Male’ Get Ethered On TikTok

If there’s one person I want to inform me about the shortcomings of feminism, it’s definitely a dude who appears to live in his mother’s basement apartment with a shower curtain hanging over his window.

Meet TikTok user @hearbreaknino617, who seems to use the platform exclusively to bitch about women and promote his mediocre music (sometimes both at the same time). Men like this are a dime a dozen, but there’s something about watching these Nino types—who act confident, take their machismo so seriously, think they’re a snack, and truly believe that they’re dropping knowledge—get knocked down a peg that is especially funny.


Nino has gone viral since posting a minute-long rant last week about why “beautiful women—bad bitches—are single today.”

“It’s simple,” he said. “Feminism.”

Go on…

“Feminism taught you that you’re a queen, you’re God’s gift to this earth, you’re the prize,” Nino said. “No the fuck you ain’t. No you ain’t. You ain’t a queen, you ain’t never gonna be my queen, because you’re not my mother. You don’t love me unconditionally, you love me under conditions.”

Nino clearly thought that last line was a banger, and proceeded to barrel on and proudly describe himself as a dominant man who refuses to chase after women. He complained that this trait is considered “toxic” nowadays (thanks, feminism!), and derided women who allegedly leave men like him for weaker guys, only to end up cheating on or leaving them because they miss men like Nino.

“That’s the problem, you’re the problem, you’re delusional,” Nino said before dramatically walking away from the camera.

Nino’s portrayal of women as vapid and shallow is old hat by now. The incels have made this their bread and butter ideology—one worth killing over—long ago, and the aggro manosphere has too, creating a group of bitter men dismayed by the idea that they might have better luck with women if they weren’t such dickheads. So yes, this is old news, but TikTok makes it easy to watch these guys get clowned over and over again. And a truly diverse group of people have gone out of their way to thoroughly clown Nino over here.

Here’s someone’s auntie pretending to be Nino’s mother:

This woman has receipts of Nino simping in her DMs:

##stitch with @heartbreaknino617 ##greenscreen
♬ original sound – Giselle

Here’s a very talented musical drag:

The body language experts have arrived:

C’mon now.
♬ original sound – ericklouis

And here we have a reply from Drew Afualo, whose entire TikTok is dedicated to clowning incels and red-pilled weirdos. She didn’t disappoint!

#stitch with @heartbreaknino617 back in the lab LMFAOOO #fyp #xyzbca #girls #men #funny #college #embarrassing #ChewyChattyPets
♬ original sound – Drew Afualo

This woman found receipts of him bragging about dating 17-year-olds as an adult because, hey, it’s legal!

Reply to @sadistic_babygirl ##greenscreenvideo ##greenscreen @heartbreaknino617 ##fypシ ##men ##feminism ##SmartfoodClub
♬ original sound – Scarlette Rose

Even the French are worked up.

#stitch with @heartbreaknino617 get some confidence.
♬ original sound – FRENCHGUYSAGAIN

And this dude was ready with some Google search results.

Class on session ##feminism
♬ original sound – Conscious Lee

And then there’s this woman who wants who hurt Nino because it’s getting embarrassing, bro!

#stitch with @heartbreaknino617 this ain’t it #ChewyChattyPets #relationship #dating #confidence
♬ original sound – Cindy Noir✨

May this be a lesson to dudes trying to act like big dogs online: Don’t say anything you’re not prepared to get wrecked over for a week straight.

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