Westworld Is Getting Wild (And Wild Confusing!)


Westworld’s latest episode, “Mother of Exiles,” brought forth some of the circuitous mindfucks the show’s most ardent fans tend to love torturing themselves over. Its climax revealed one of Season 3’s greatest mysteries so far—which host brains are occupying those formerly human bodies and why—but not before it showcased a cavalcade of new information about some of our favorite characters and the very nature of the human world Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is working diligently to take over.

For instance, the Man in Black, a.k.a. William, a.k.a. Ed Harris, may be glitching hardcore, as evidenced by dramatic visions of his deceased daughter and the way he keeps shooting guns at mirrors in his zillion-dollar mansion. And unsuspecting human (?) Caleb (Aaron Paul) is able to cooly steal $315 billion from a trust fund kid named Liam (Liam) by injecting some of a shitty private equity guy’s blood into his system in order to impersonate him. (The private equity man was knocked out because—who else—Delores body-slammed him in broad daylight while wearing a very well-tailored suit and five-inch stilettos. This woman has no limits!) And Maeve (Thandie Newton), also wearing a fantastic outfit over cocktails in Singapore with Serac, learns that Paris no longer exists, thanks to what appears to be an atomic bomb. The future is very cool!

In this edition of Westworld Conspiracy Corner, filmed in self-isolation from an actual corner, I spoil the shit out of this episode and find myself increasingly unhinged, talking about the plot in a manner not dissimilar to the way a four-year-old describes her favorite storybook. Frankly, with a plot this bonkers, it’s the only way to be. Watch the video above and tell me if you do not think Dolores is wilding!

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