What Actor (Legend) Bailed on Kim Kardashian???

Variety's co-editor-in-chief revealed that Chloë Sevigny was actually a replacement for Kim Kardashian's Actors on Actors interview after her original interview partner called in sick.

What Actor (Legend) Bailed on Kim Kardashian???

It’s the story that simply won’t die (sorry): Kim Kardashian’s Actors on Actors sit-down.

This week, Variety‘s co-editor-in-chief, Ramin Setoodeh, appeared on Meghan McCain’s podcast, Citizen McCain, and delivered a little behind-the-scenes revelation. “So, I’m gonna give you a little bit of information; I’m gonna break some news,” Setoodeh started. “Chloë Sevigny wasn’t supposed to pair with Kim Kardashian.”

That’s right. That scintillating conversation between Kardashian and Sevigny, where they discussed their taste in film, respective roles in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story and Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, and Kardashian’s penchant for collecting (and ruining) much more interesting famous people’s clothes, was never supposed to be.

“Kim Kardashian had someone else that she was supposed to pair with, but that actor that she was supposed to pair with called in sick on a Friday night, and Kim was supposed to do this on a Sunday,” Setoodeh continued. So, let me get this straight: An Academy Award-nominated It Girl Eternal was a…stand-in to sit opposite a woman with only a handful of actual acting credits? An incredibly unserious decision, to be sure.

“[Sevigny] was incredibly gracious [and] stepped in at the last minute and came in and did this conversation with Kim. But that wasn’t her original acting partner,” Setoodeh said. “What was so funny about all the press and everyone was talking about how Chloë was trying to shade Kim when she wasn’t and saying she was so happy to be included was that Chloë was really excited to talk to Kim. I was in the green room with her right before she went on, and they really liked each other.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But who the hell was the original partner???

Unfortunately, Setoodeh wouldn’t spill “who called in sick” because he didn’t “want to draw undue attention to this person.” However, if we’re calling to mind buzzy television shows of 2024 I’m happy to imagine who it might’ve been.

The Bear‘s Ayo Edebiri? Nicola Coughlin ahead of Bridgerton‘s second part premiere? Riley Keough or Lily Gladstone for Under The Bridge? Maya Erskine after her standout performance in Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Frankly, I could easily see any one of those people being paired with Kim and then pulling out. And if you ask me, all of them would be perfectly justified in doing so!

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