What Insult Did John Corbett Make To Mary Lynn Rajskub?!?


Mary Lynn Rajskub from 24 was on The Tonight Show last night discussing her former career as a waitress and a strange run-in with former Northern Exposure actor John Corbett.

Apparently, years ago, when Mary Lynn was working at the Hard Rock Cafe, she once waited on John Corbett, who was then the “hot guy from Northern Exposure.” He came in with his “skeleton” girlfriend, and asked Mary Lynn something that was so bad NBC had to bleep it out. Corbett said something along the lines “do you have _______?” (we’re thinking it’s “herpes,” but can’t they say that on TV?), which made Mary Lynn “frown inside.” The clip ends with Mary Lynn pointing out that “even if I did have ______ I could wait tables!” After this clip, we are left with so many questions. What does she not have? Herpes? Leprosy? A mean tendency to refer to other women as skeletons? We may never know.

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