What Is a 'Shadrack McGill' and Why Is He Comparing Abortion to 'Destroying an Eagle Egg'?


Alabama State Sen. Shadrack McGill, who looks like a major bro, is reintroducing a bill that would grant legal personhood rights to a human fertilized egg and ban abortion at all stages, reports the Huffington Post. Oh, goody.

“Did you know you can be charged up to $250,000 for destroying an eagle egg, but you can destroy babies in the womb?” McGill asked the Times-Journal. That was actually not the most inane question he asked. This was:

“So my question concerning aborted babies is, where do they go, heaven or hell? I just want to know what [people’s] perspective is.”

He just wants to know! Can’t blame a guy for asking a simple question about imaginary angels!

Of course, the bill itself isn’t any wackier than other personhood initiatives, like Paul Ryan’s Sanctity of Human Life Act. North Dakota lawmakers are voting on a personhood measure tomorrow. Given the shitty state of current anti-abortion events, we hope Broseph keeps asking dumb questions and comparing women to birds, in hopes that the concept of personhood will fly far, far away.

[The Daily Sentinel]

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