What Should Liam Payne's Solo Album Sound Like?


Oh, did you forget that there are other members in One Direction besides Zayn Malik (the extremely hot one) and Harry Styles (the other hot one?) Well, there are, and one of them is Liam Payne. That’s him, up there. Remember him? Yeah I don’t either.

Payne will soon be joining his former bandmates in finally releasing solo music since the band’s dissolution. Today he has teased what sounds like a new song in an Instagram video and it’s probably the collaboration with Migos that the rap trio confirmed earlier this month.

Very ‘90s Marky Mark, no?

Malik released his solo debut Mind of Mine last year and Styles is already generating a lot of buzz for his upcoming self-titled album. The question is: if this is a single from a forthcoming solo record, what will Payne’s brand be? Malik is making overly sExY R&B and Styles is clearly going for a ‘70s classic rock-inspired album. And god knows he’s going to need a signature sound to stand out from the other One Direction boys.

We’ve made a poll with some predictions on what Payne’s new album might sound like. Vote below!

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