What TV Character/Actress Could Stomp On Stage at the Emmys Before a FEMINIST Sign?

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This was one of the most badass, perfect moments in television history. On the heels of a ridiculous, laughable backlash against the word “feminist,” Beyonce stomped on stage in front of a giant fucking skyscraper high projection of the word and basically said to the world “LOL FUCK YOUR HASHTAG.”

So real talk time:

But let’s imagine they actually did do this at the Emmys. Who would be your pick for the badass feminist television actress or character to proudly display her Feminist card at the Emmys? Here’s a few of our suggestions from Twitter:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer

Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope


Lisa Simpson, who was fighting against sexist bullshit talking dolls 20 years ago.

Leslie Knope (thank you, EG)

Olenna Tyrell

Every woman on American Horror Story, especially Jessica Lange

BIG HELL YES: The Countess Dowager (Thank you, commenter extraordinaire Clio)

YES. Yes to all of this.

Adding in Julia Sugarbaker and this unforgettable takedown:

I missed lots of them—tell us who else in the comments below!

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