What, You Don't Think These Creepy Fat-Shaming Plates Are Funny?


Here are some plates that say, respectively, “Big mistake,” and “It’s hard to be around you when you eat like this / Did you really need that second helping? / Please stop eating, we’re worried about you / For the love of God, stop eating.” Perfect for your next concern-trolling dinner party!

The places are sold as part of the “Interventionware” line at New York-based Fishs Eddy (which, upsettingly, is actually spelled sans apostrophe and letter e, though it’s not really their fault.) In response to a tweet from reader Abby Bernstein, Fishs Eddy said on their own Twitter feed, “These plates are not to be taken seriously. Of course we never mean to offend!”

Oh! And here we thought they were seriously telling us that our eating was a problem. Instead of just making creepy jokes about life-threatening mental illnesses at worst and garden-variety disordered eating and guilt at best. As Dodai says, “If my plates are going to talk to me, I want them to sing and dance like Beauty & The Beast.” Me too.

Intervention-Ware [Fishs Eddy]

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