What You Were Wearing When You Were Sexually Harassed


As easily demonstrated by our recent harassment poll, it doesn’t matter what you were wearing. To drive home that point, here are the numbers on your experiences, and some of the more striking fill-in answers to the “other” field.

Certain trends emerged from the 678 fill-in answers. Apparently, some men love to harass pregnant women, or women caring for small children. (Whores!) Being sloppy or unwashed, wearing something baggy or ill-fitting — these appear to be the equivalent of “asking for it” to certain dudes.

On Friday afternoon there appeared to be a minor troll invasion, with a quick succession of suspect posts referring to prostitution and “asking for it,” adding, “getting greeted by a male is not harassment.” Thanks for that insight! A response that was far more pertinent and summed up the general sentiment: “The only categories i didn’t check are clothes i don’t wear.”

Some other highlights:

  • while picking my nose
  • in a bar, in a car, in a hat, on a mat…
  • carrying stacks of books around from the library
  • in scout uniform, in overalls and in granny jumpers
  • wearing a hijab
  • walking, waiting for a bus, generally being female
  • wearing USMC camo uniform
  • with women/with my girlfriend/at pride and/or queer events
  • walking to a restaurant with my parents at age 13
  • picking up dog poop
  • giving a guy a lapdance.
  • doing the time warp
  • in an ambulance after I broke my LEG.
  • While at the top of a 20 foot ladder.
  • entering a house of worship
  • Unbathed in the aftermath of a hurricane by out of state rescue workers.
  • dressed as the Virgin Mary (not a joke)
  • karate uniform
  • dressed as a toy soldier for a production of The Nutcracker, at age 12
  • crying my eyes out over a family death
  • walking my son in stroller; attending a pro-choice lobby day at my state capital
  • wearing my Arby’s uniform
  • while having a job interview at an outside cafe
  • crying/ about to get an abortion
  • Like a fucking Amish lady
  • As a 9 year old, wearing overalls.
  • with horse-manure stains on my clothes and hay in my hair
  • wearing ann taylor
  • in a gargoyle costume (it was Halloween, and no, I wasn’t a “sexy gargoyle.”

Click to enlarge the results of the poll:

There are so many ways to ask for it! Or maybe women walking down the street are asking for something rather basic: the right to go about our daily lives without being harassed, flashed, or assaulted; the right to exist in public space without persistent reminders that we aren’t fully safe, that we require the constant and vocal feedback of men — and that we should somehow take this as a compliment.

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