What's Going On With Sophie Turner's Jeans?

What's Going On With Sophie Turner's Jeans?
Image:Daily Stardust (Backgrid)

Sophie Turner is the most recognizable figure of her fellow Game of Thrones vets for her celebrated street style, which is equal parts breezy and trendy. Turner’s never really been one to shy away from her role as a Louis Vuitton muse and spokeswoman, and on her many outings in the pandemic, she’s consistently delivered something for photographers to take pictures of.

It’s just… I’m stuck on a recent pair of jeans I saw her in.

Deconstructed denim is all the rage. Think A.P.C. tore its archive up and drove a freight train full of the scraps directly into a warehouse full of Margiela jeans. On the runway, Gucci has played around with interesting denim silhouettes for seasons under Alessandro Michele’s tutelage. Demna Gvasalia has done the same at Balenciaga, as has Eckhaus Latta, while brands like Tom Ford (obviously), Levi’s, and more consistently remix their usual offerings.

Enter whatever these are:

Image:Daily Stardust (Backgrid)

Generally, I like this outfit quite a bit. Neon green is hot hot hot these days, and I can’t deny the perfection of a mini-bag, strappy sandal, and teensy little sunglasses. I own essentially the same Carhartt jacket, and the hair and accessories work at luxing up what is otherwise a pedestrian fit. Joe, of course, could have tried a bit harder on his own accessories.

What strikes me are her jeans, which exist as a pair of skinny jeans inside a larger, baggy jean, which slightly tapered at the ankle but otherwise straight leg. It has a higher waist, like traditional skinny jeans, and pockets like most other jeans do. Weirder, the pant leg they slot into has been finished at the top hem, and is the same fabric as the inner jean, leading me to believe it was constructed this way, and not torn up from various jean parts as we’ve seen on the runway.

I enjoy the kookiness, really! But these are simply not the jeans for this outfit. If she had opted instead for a bralette, or a matching denim jacket and outsized costume jewelry earrings—with her hair in a higher pony than this one—I could get behind it! This is just not the way, but regardless, will get a passing grade from me, if only for how patently ridiculous they look.

Women asked for bigger pockets in our jeans and this is what we got instead! Something tells me they might have overshot the mark.

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