Where Is the Iconic New York Location of Nicki Minaj's Intimate VMAs/PEPSI® Remote Performance?


Do you know?

If you’ve been wondering whether Nicki Minaj will be present at this year’s VMAs, the answer is yes and no. How? She’ll be there, sort of, in that she is performing during the awards show, but she won’t physically be there, because she’ll be performing from some other place. Which place? No place. And every place.

A press release for the artist’s super-secret surprise performance (presented by PEPSI®) states Nicki’s face will be streamed from an “ICONIC NEW YORK LOCATION” to the millions of people who still watch the VMAs. Hmm, not very helpful. But we have a few hints: It’s iconic, and it’s in New York. Let’s see if we can narrow this down.

Various members of the Jezebel staff have suggested:

  • Union Square Sephora
  • The Zara where Joanna once saw a cockroach
  • The public bathroom at Bryant Park
  • The Cloisters
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • The purgatorial mezzanine between the West 4th A/C/E and the West 4th B/D/F/M
  • The Verrazano Bridge
  • The 8th St NYU R/W Train, Site of the Iconic Pizza Rat Sighting
  • Coraline’s or whatever the Media Bar is
  • Mr. Kiwi’s
  • Market Hotel
  • A Regular Ass Venue
  • The Best Buy Theatre
  • Tip of Lady Lib’s torch
  • Wooden escalator in Midtown Macys
  • The Pepsi (TM) sign in Times Square
  • Outside David Schwimmer’s East Village condo
  • Brooklyn Polytech
  • The Berkowitz School of Electrolysis in Forest Hills, Queens
  • The Soho Wing
  • The Dumbo Wing
  • Scores, aka the future location of a Wing
  • Pumps
  • The Fearless Girl statue site
  • Sripraphai, but NOT the one in Queens, the one in Williamsburg
  • The platforms they don’t use at 2nd Ave that you look at and are like “Hmmmm”

All possible choices. What do you think?

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