Where's the Fridge?

Where's the Fridge?
Screenshot: (Warner Brothers)

Nancy Meyers is America’s foremost chronicler of the interior lives of the upper-middle class and purveyor of lush and well-appointed scenes of domesticity, as evidenced by her body of work. This pedigree assumes that the kitchen she operates out of in her own home should be the platonic ideal of a kitchen: spacious, well-appointed, and bathed in very good light. With these credentials in mind, one has to wonder, though, what the hell is up with her own kitchen, and why on earth does it look like… this?

Meyers shared a photo of her own kitchen on Instagram on Monday, and honestly, it is a lovely one—big, expansive, replete with counter space. It is a kitchen that I would love to have, even though my own is large for New York City standards. But after a closer viewing of this kitchen, which is a big, honking, beautiful kitchen, I have some pressing questions that need answers.

There are two islands in this kitchen, which is the sort of HGTV-fueled insanity that I expect from the Property Brothers, but not Nancy Meyers; the fact that two exist is not the issue, but that they are two different styles is. There are shades of the incredible kitchen here from Something’s Gotta Give, which tracks, but the matter of the two islands does not, and for that, I have docked one point.

Moving along to the more urgent matter at hand, I wonder where the refrigerator is? Others who have viewed this image have shared their theories, one of which is that maybe all the lower cabinets in the second, superfluous island (the one with the black countertop) are all mini-fridges. This doesn’t seem like the best interior design choice, but it would explain why the sparkling water on the rattan tray on said island is room temperature and not in a refrigerator, chilling. The pendant lights that dangle over the marble-topped island in the back indicate that maybe the second island was a last-minute addition—perhaps it is removable, and can be dragged around the great space to suit Nancy’s whims. If that is the case, I support her, but would love to see further evidence bolstering my claim.

However, the largest issue in this kitchen is still the lack of refrigerator present in the photo—distressing because there is nothing more thrilling than viewing the contents of a famous person’s fridge. I’m certain that Nancy Meyers has a refrigerator—several, most likely—and that they are just off-camera. Is there a walk-in fridge, though? Perhaps one of those cold rooms, like at Costco, where you enter through a swinging sheet of vinyl flaps and peruse family-sized packages of frozen meat in blissful silence. I don’t really care either way, I am just curious. Where’s the fridge. Show me the money.

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