Which Ad Campaigns Worked on You?


There are plenty of ads out there that are so offensive they’ve prompted consumers to loudly declare they will never again buy from the company shilling said product. But we hear of far fewer that have actually gotten people to take out their wallets and start buying.

Even if when I’ve recognized that a company‘s advertising tactics were probably impressive only when compared to the uncreative work of their peers, I’ve still switched brands because I appreciate a good hustle. So in an effort to help out the ad executives who will inevitably print out and eagerly discuss the answers you provide on this post during a long conference call, let us know what ad campaign actually got you to buy something. I will go first, but be warned: my most notable answer is very embarrassing:

Year/Product: 2007/LG Shine
Campaign: Commercial featuring Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner in which Brody uses the shiny surface of his LG Shine to check out girls, only to be caught in the act by LC.
Reason for purchase: Even though it’s blatantly sexist and stupid, I legitimately thought this commercial was so funny I had to have the phone. Plus the phone was pretty nice looking.
Long-term satisfaction level: High

Image via Mad Men/AMC

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