Which of These Dramas About Women Pop Stars Will Win You Over?


The trailer for Teen Spirit—directed by Max Minghella and starring Elle Fanning as Violet, a very blonde, rather quiet teenager who’s catapulted to stardom—arrived on Friday. And it’s just one of four (yes, four!) upcoming movies about women musicians.

Vox Lux (trailer below) stars Natalie Portman (alongside Jude Law) as Celeste, an artist searching for a comeback after a horrific childhood trauma—what Portman describes as “the most political film I’ve ever made.” She told Variety, “I don’t think any two people will leave the screening with the same feeling. It will leave people debating.”

Her Smell finds Elisabeth Moss rocking enviable eyeliner and face glitter while playing a punk rock star (not pop, but still counts) who’s maybe the most wayward of all the leads here. Although the title makes me think of the phrase “teen spirit,” it is not the same as, nor related to, the Elle Fanning movie.

In the claustrophobic trailer, the camera swirls around a backstage room, following Moss’ character Becky Something, who looks like she’s been crying, as she launches into a monologue about how perennially late she is. It sounds like a joke, but it ends on a disturbing image, and she’s the only one laughing; her mother and entourage look on, seeming deeply over it.

And of course, there’s Jezebel’s (everyone’s) future favorite, Bradley Cooper’s remake of A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga, where she stars as his musical mentee.

While A Star Is Born hits theaters October 5, the other movies are all premiering at film festivals this fall in search of distributors. Both Her Smell and Teen Spirit debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, which kicked off on Thursday.

They might all be worth your attention, but you’ll probably have a favorite. Vote below.

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