White House Gatecrashers Demand Apology


After months of being woefully misunderstood, Tareq and Michaele Salahi are talking about their unwelcome attendance at a White House state dinner in November. They’re also putting on their tux and sari and posing for photos, for old times’ sake.

Radar has a video of “first in-depth interview” with the infamous couple, and my, what did we all learn? Basically that these people are assholes. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings! In fact, their feelings are so hurt that they’d appreciate an apology. “It would be nice if somebody apologized to us,” says Tareq. Indeed, a snafu like this merits nothing less than a phone call from the President himself.

The Salahis maintain they have evidence that they were honest-to-god invited to the November dinner, though they have yet to procure said evidence. It apparently involves some kind of verbal invite from someone somewhere, a “White House contact” — specifics don’t matter here. Let your imagination run free, like the Salahis themselves, and the possibilities of how this went down are endless: The invite could’ve been a handwritten note from Rahm’s second cousin, a warm phone call from Desiree’s housekeeper, a heavyweight postcard bearing Bo’s pawprint. Or perhaps an unmedicated schizophrenic wandered by Michele on some random street, muttered something about the White House, and Michele took it as a sign. It doesn’t make a difference how the invite got across; all that matters is that the universe communicated to these people, so they grabbed their camera crew and let fate take over.

But in the cruel world of national security, there’s room for neither the magic of the universe nor the fairy dust that brings people together. And in light of that, the Salahis have been wronged:

“I would certainly not treat anyone this way that comes to my house, even if there was a question about an invitation, or there was some miscommunication… I would still welcome anyone and be gracious.”
“The American way is to love people,” said Michaele.

Then they liken showing up to a state dinner to showing up at a winery event without an invite. Either way, you should make room for people at the table! But the Salahis were not invited to a winery event. They were not invited into anybody’s home, not even if you buy that “the White House is everyone’s house” crap. But then again, who am I to question the specifics of another individual’s hallucination?

Also, let’s clear something up, as long as we’re at it: The Salahis are adamant that on that magical night, they were not auditioning for a show (namely Bravo’s forthcoming Real Housewives of D.C., the camera crew for which was following Michaele while she got ready for the dinner). When the interviewer asks if they weren’t auditioning because they were already confirmed for the show, the Salahis can’t comment. But they do break out into some shit-eating grins:

Speaks volumes.

White House Gatecrashers Michaele And Tareq Salahi Demand Apology [RadarOnline.com]

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